Monday, March 2, 2015

The Imagination Begins

Hello Friends Have you ever think about our Existence.
Why we are here??
It looks like a very silly question, but when you go deep into the imagination sea, you will find that question itself tries to give you some clue. I think if you try to follow these clues you will end up in a mess with a sequence of real or imaginary thoughts.

Is it a Game or some kind of imaginary world or some illusion is spread around us??
It may happen that we are part of a game being played by some one else. For e.g. when we play a game let say (Chess) queen has some extra move over king, knight, rook,bishop, and at last with least moves pawn. Similar to chess game, In our world also, Some people possesses extra intelligence power while some are just dumb.
Who will decide all these stuffs??
May be the Creator...
Who is our creator??
Our Parents or some one else ..
If you again try to find out the answer you will end up with the question egg comes first or the hen.
As of now everyone has belief that there exists some third power (Some people call them Ram some Rahim, some Allah , Jesus etc.) who controls us.
The Question arises in our mind How it Controls???


  1. I always tried to find out the answer of this.But all the time i trapped in infinite loop of question and my stack become overflew :) . It is good if you are try to think on it. Yup one thing i can tell that sure shot you get some good imagination about life.

  2. Hee hee.
    You are right dear..just try to follow your dream and imaginations ,you will end up with a cool life..